Growing The Community

As we quickly approach 20 Tech Advocates from all across the island of Ireland we wanted to share some of our plans to grow the community. Our 20 advocates are currently representing 13 counties. We will be making efforts to find advocates from some of the smaller, lesser publicised counties, especially around the midlands. WeContinue reading “Growing The Community”

August Newsletter

Hey everyone, Welcome to the RITA August Newsletter! We hope everyone is having a nice summer. It’s been a busy 2 months over at and we have lots of updates below. Grab a tea, coffee or water, sit back and enjoy.  Tech Advocate UpdatesWe announced another 2 Tech Advocates in August; Evan and Nikita. Who’ll be next? It couldContinue reading “August Newsletter”

Strength in numbers

With 32 counties, Ireland has an amazingly rich tapestry of folklore and traditions. Every corner of Ireland has stories of heroes and legends, passed down through generations, shaping various parts of Ireland as we see it today. “There is no strength without unity.” Irish Proverb At Rural Ireland Tech Advocates our goal is to shineContinue reading “Strength in numbers”

Building a Community

The purpose of Rural Ireland Tech Advocates (Rita) is to create a community of advocates and a central resource for folks interested in living and working in rural Ireland. It’s vital that this community is welcoming for all and in order to ensure we have set expectations early, we’ve published our Code of Conduct here.Continue reading “Building a Community”

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