Strength in numbers

With 32 counties, Ireland has an amazingly rich tapestry of folklore and traditions. Every corner of Ireland has stories of heroes and legends, passed down through generations, shaping various parts of Ireland as we see it today. “There is no strength without unity.” Irish Proverb At Rural Ireland Tech Advocates our goal is to shineContinue reading “Strength in numbers”

What is a “Tech Advocate”?

Ashley McNamara (Willis) sums up the role of a “Developer Advocate” perfectly in this post. At RITA we would like to take a similar approach but instead of advocates representing a role at a company or a product, they are representing their respective counties. Together Tech Advocates will amplify the voice and potential of ruralContinue reading “What is a “Tech Advocate”?”

Building a Community

The purpose of Rural Ireland Tech Advocates (Rita) is to create a community of advocates and a central resource for folks interested in living and working in rural Ireland. It’s vital that this community is welcoming for all and in order to ensure we have set expectations early, we’ve published our Code of Conduct here.Continue reading “Building a Community”

Every journey has a beginning …

This is the first blog post on the site and I wanted to use this as an opportunity to explain a bit about the “Why”. Why “Rural Ireland Tech Advocates”? Over the past number of years I’ve worked in various roles ranging from infrastructure engineer to event organiser to ad-hoc developer advocate and I lovedContinue reading “Every journey has a beginning …”