Fiona Cremins

Digital Humanities Graduate

County Kerry

Co. Kerry

One-On-One with Fiona

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, your job and how long you’ve lived in County Kerry?

Hi, I’m Fiona, a recent graduate of Digital Humanities and Information Technology and I was born in Kerry and have lived here my entire life!

What attracted you to living and working in Kerry ?

Career wise, Kerry is an ideal location for those with little interest in working for massive corporate entities. You are much more likely to be working with a smaller, more intimate team which could lead to better recognition for your work, and closer relationships with colleagues.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of living in Co. Kerry ?

If you’re adventurous, no day spent living in Kerry has to be the same. While your mornings can start with a cup of coffee and appreciating the peace and quiet of the rural locality, it’s your free time which can make your days memorable. I am personally an avid walker and so couldn’t recommend Killarney National Park more, where there’s a little something for everyone. Taking a lazy Sunday drive up to Ladies View, hiking up Torc Waterfall, discovering the history of Muckross House and Ross Castle, or even just getting a coffee and having a snoop through Penney’s. On the warmer days, Kerry has plenty of beaches to offer such as Inch and Rossbeigh, where you can get a coffee, have a stroll and a swim, if you’re brave enough to dive in!

How would you describe transport within Kerry ? Is it easy to get around ?

Kerry is one of the bigger counties in Ireland so it is definitely preferable to have your own personal transport such as a car, especially if you intend to make the most of Kerry. That isn’t to say you’d be completely stranded; the train makes multiple stops through Kerry towns and villages, and many towns offer some bus routes. If you travel for work we also have Kerry airport in Farranfore.

How fast/reliable is your home internet connection ?

It’s not too bad! I have heard rumours of plans for fiber broadband to arrive in the area soon, so it can only go up from here! 

Can you tell us about some of your favourite locations or attractions within Kerry ?

Ladies View is about 12 miles from Killarney on the N71 road as you go towards Kenmare, and while many tourists only go as far as Torc Waterfall, I would urge anyone to keep driving up. The drive up to Ladies View is breathtaking and despite driving up there quite often it never ceases to amaze me. There’s plenty of safe areas to park your car and walk around and take in the view, but my absolute favorite is at the small church, just before Ladies View. Across the road there’s a little dip, where the beginning of a nature trail can be found. It’s a walk you’d easily miss if you weren’t aware of it, so definitely keep an eye out the next time you visit. If you walk far enough you may even get lucky and spot a deer or two.

What advice do you have for individuals or families interested in relocating to Kerry ?

Research. Research. Research. Every individual and their family is different and Kerry has a lot to offer. If you’ve always dreamed of living by the beach, we have plenty of seaside towns to choose from. If you prefer to live in a more lively location, Killarney always offers a good night out. If you’re more traditional and have a notion to one day leave corporate life behind and become a farmer, well…you’d fit right in with any small village we have!

Thank you very much Fiona for taking the time to talk with us and thank you for representing Co. Kerry as a Rural Ireland Tech Advocate.

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