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County Louth is named after the village of Louth, which in turn is named after Lugh, a god of the ancient Irish. Historically, the placename has had various spellings; “Lugmad”, “Lughmhaigh”, and “Lughmhadh” (see Historic Names List, for full listing).  is the modern simplified spelling.

The county is steeped in myth, legend and history, and is a setting in the Táin Bó Cúailnge epic. Later it saw the influence of the Vikings, as seen in the name of Carlingford Lough. They also established a longphort at Annagassan in the ninth century. At this time Louth consisted of three sub-kingdoms, each subject to separate over-kingdoms: Conaille (Ulaidh); Fir Rois (Airgialla); and, the Fir Arda Ciannachta (Midhe). The whole area became part of the O’Carroll Kingdom of Airgíalla (Oriel) early in the 12th century under Donnchad Ua Cerbaill. At the same time, the area was removed from the diocese of Armagh and the episcopal see of the Diocese of Airgíalla or Clogher was transferred to Louth c. 1130–1190.

Louth is colloquially known as “The Wee County”, being the smallest of Ireland’s 32 counties by area. It is 18th-largest county in terms of population, making it the fourth most densely populated county on the island of Ireland. It is the smallest of Leinster’s 12 counties in size and the 6th-largest by population. Louth is bordered by four counties – Meath to the south, Monaghan to the west, Armagh to the north, and Down to the northwest. It bounded to the east by the Irish seaDundalk is the county town and is located approximately 80 km (50 mi) from Belfast and 85 km (53 mi) from Dublin. Louth is also the northernmost county in Leinster, and the only county in the province to share a border with Northern Ireland.


Co. Louth

Tech Advocate

If you’d like to represent County Louth as a Tech Advocate please drop us a mail : [email protected]

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Pure Telecom
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