The sunniest county in Ireland

Our History

The original name of Wexford was Menapia so called after a prehistoric Belgic tribe who occupied the area. The origin of Loch Garman, the Irish name, is lost in time, while the current name derives from the Viking Waesfjord – the harbour of the mud flats.

The prehistoric Wexford is known only through the intriguing stone monuments and artefacts left by the shadowy predecessors of the Celts. From these silent witnesses of the past we can say that Wexford was occupied over 6,000 years ago and that primitive agriculture and stock rearing was the principal means of sustenance for the community. The only complete dolmen in the county is at Bree, south of Enniscorthy. This dates from the 3rd millennium B.C.

The Vikings invaded Wexford in the late 8th century. It was only when Brian Boru challenged and defeated a powerful Leinster and Norse alliance in 1014 that the rule of the Vikings was broken. Their presence remained in Ireland up to and beyond the coming of the Normans.

Less than two centuries later County Wexford was to be the springboard for an invasion by the Normans. Today we can still see evidence of this invasion around the town of Wexford, Barrack Street being a prime example where the Normans built a stone castle in the 12th century.

Like all towns, which have suffered and celebrated over many centuries, Wexford has learned to embrace friend and foe and has forged a people whose warmth is infectious and whose hospitality is generous and spontaneous. The long history is palpable as you walk the narrow streets and mingle with the good humoured crowds along the new quay front which is built on the site of what was known ass the Wooden works or Pilwharf erected in the 1800’s. The colourful town can be seen at its best during the Hooves and Grooves Festival and, of course during the heady weeks of the Wexford Opera Festival.(Source)


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Useful Info

TownsMore Info
Wexford TownDiscover Ireland (link)
Wikipedia (link)
EnniscorthyWikiVoyage (link)
Wikipedia (link)
GoreyLove Gorey (link)
Wikipedia (link)
New RossDiscover Ireland (link)
Visit New Ross (link)
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CommunityMore Info
MeetupsWexford Tech Meetup (link)
Wexford New and Not so New in Town (link)
Meditation Circle Gorey (link)
Gorey Walks, Hikes and Social Meetup (link)
TransportMore Info
Ferry, Rail, Bus, TaxiCounty Council Journey Planner (link)
Irish Tourist Transport Guide (link)
Wexford Taxi Services (link)
Bus OnlyLocal Link Wexford (link)
Wexford Bus (link)
Tech RequirementsMore Info
Broadband ProvidersThere are six main broadband providers in Wexford.
– Sky
– eir
– Vodafone
– Pure Telecom
– Digiweb
– Regional Broadband

Source: switcher.ie
Tech HubWexford Enterprise Centre (link)
Co-working spacesCoworker (link)
Coworking (link)
New Work Junction (link)
The Cube (link)
No 61 North (link)
The Hatch Lab (link)
Outdoor ActivitiesMore Info
HikingWexford Walking Trail (link)
Wexford Trails (link)
GreenwaySouth East Greenway (link) *Opening December 2021
ZooSecret Valley Wildlife Park (link)
Kia Ora Mini Farm (link)
Blackwater Open Farm (link)
National ParksIrish National Heritage Park (link)
Mansions and Stately HomesWells House and Gardens (link)
Indoor ActivitiesMore Info
Co. WexfordA rainy day in County Wexford (link)
Indoor and Family Activities (link)
Social MediaMore Info
WebsitesWikiVoyage (link)
County Council (link)
Discovery Wexford (link)
Wexford Bucket List (link)
TwitterVisit Wexford (link)
Wexford County Council (link)
Healthy Wexford (link)
Wexford Libraries (link)
Facebook PagesWexford People (link)
Visit Wexford (link)
Wexford 2day (link)
InstagramVisit Wexford (link)

We are Wexford, true and freeWe are of a story yet untoldWe are the people, of the purple and gold.

Michael Fortune

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