Our History

The name Wicklow probably comes from the old Viking word ‘Vykyngelo’, which means ‘meadow of the Vikings’.

The Irish name for Wicklow is Cill Mhantáin. The story goes that when St. Patrick tried to land his ships in the area, his party was attacked by locals. One of St. Patrick’s party had a tooth knocked out in the fight. Then, when he returned later to set up a church there, he was given the name Manntach (toothless one). After that, the area was called ‘Cill Mhantáin’, meaning ‘church of the toothless one’.

The Normans, who came to dominate the area more than 600 years later, preferred the non-Gaelic placename. They used the name Wicklow, which survives to this day. (Source)

Co. Wicklow

Tech Advocates

Nikita C

Engineering Manager

John Doran

Chief Technology Officer at Phorest Salon Software

Pádraig O’Brien

Senior Software Engineering Manager at Toast

Useful Info

TownsMore Info / Links
ArklowTown website (link)
Wikipedia (link)
BrayTown website (link)
Wikipedia (link)
GreystonesTown website (link)
Wikipedia (link)
Wicklow TownTown website (link)
Make a move to Wicklow Town (link)
CommunityMore Info / Links
MeetupsWicklow Nordic Walking (link)
EnvironmentTidy Towns (link)
Environmental information and resources (link)
TransportMore Info / Links
AirportGetting to Dublin Airport (link)
Irish Tourist Transport Guide (link)
RailIrish Rail (link)
BusBus Éireann (link)
TaxiGolden Pages (link)
Tech RequirementsMore Info / Links
Broadband ProvidersThere are six main broadband providers in Wicklow.
Pure Telecom
Regional Broadband

Source : Switcher.ie
Tech HubDigital Strategy and Broadband Plan (link)
Co-working spacesHub13
Wicklow Hub
Arklow Business Enterprise Centre
Bray Coworking
Outdoor ActivitiesMore Info / Links
HikingWicklow Hiking and Adventure Group (link)
Hiking in Wicklow (link)
The Wicklow Way Meetup (link)
GreenwayBlessington Greenway Walk (link)
Grade:  Easy
Distance: 6.5 kms
Estimated time: 1.5 hrs
Indoor ActivitiesMore Info /Links
DanceSalsa Classes in Bray (link)
AquariumSeaLife Bray (link)
Escape RoomFourFront Games (link)
Social MediaMore Info / Links
TwitterWicklow County Council
Visit Wicklow
Wicklow News
Facebook PagesVisit Wicklow
Wicklow Town
InstagramVisit Wicklow

Sweet Vale of Avoca! How calm could I rest In thy bosom of shade, with the friends I love best; Where the storms that we feel in this cold world should cease, and our hearts, like thy waters, be mingled in peace.”

Thomas Moore, ‘The Vale of Avoca’, 1807

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