January 2022 Newsletter

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2022! Since we started RITA in April 2021 we’ve continued to grow steadily. We’ve added more Advocates, County Pages and we’re connecting folks across multiple communities and disciplines. Grab a tea, coffee or water, sit back and enjoy. 

Tech Advocate Updates
We announced 2 more Tech Advocates since our last newsletter in November. Please welcome Gearóid and Robert, representing counties Kerry and Offaly.

A full list of advocates can be found here : https://rita.ie/tech-advocates and a map of where each advocate is located here : https://rita.ie/map.

We are looking for Tech Advocates to represent every county in Ireland and from all walks of life. If you are interested or know of someone who would make a great advocate please let us know : [email protected]

Podcast Number 2

In December we recorded our second podcast. Ntsoaki (County Dublin), Chloe Thompson (County Armagh), Jon-Paul Sullivan (County Clare), Robert Annett (County Down) and RITA founder Thomas Shaw (County Dublin) shared stories about Christmas in rural Ireland, their traditions and favourite festive foods.

County Updates
We published another county page since our last newsletter; Louth

A full list of county pages can be found here : https://rita.ie/counties These pages are full of links to help folks discover more about each county and include useful links such as co-working spaces, transport etc which folks, who are considering a move, might find useful. 

What’s happening next?

  • We are putting together a guide to help small businesses create an online presence in 2022. This is a work in progress and we need your help. The guide can be found here : https://rita.ie/getting-started
  • We’ll continue to announce more advocates throughout 2022 and hopefully have some news regarding a new sponsor. 
  • We have a private Discord server setup where our Tech Advocates can meet and share stories, ideas etc. We are planning to open a public channel where anyone can drop by and discuss their experiences of living and working in rural Ireland.

How can I help?

At the moment the greatest help folks can give is word of mouth marketing. Just telling your friends, colleagues, family etc about RITA is hugely helpful. Likes, retweets, shares, Twitter followers all matter (Twitter Handle : @RITAdvocates). We will need some financial assistance through sponsorship/partnerships as we grow. If anyone has interest in sponsoring then details can be found here : https://rita.ie/sponsors.

Thanks for reading.
Rgds, Tom (@tomwillfixit, @RITAdvocates, @ShipItCon)

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